Types of Jobs

Here, we give you a rundown of some of the most common IT jobs you’ll find in the gaming and casino sector.

Game Producers – responsible for game production, normally working as part of a team throughout every phase of game design and production using specialized software and skills.

Mobile developers – normally working under the Head of Development of a mobile online casino, these positions require specialized coding skills, while candidates with a background in app-based game development are preferred.

  • Front-end developers – as part of a team of professional coders, front-end developers may be required to work on web, app or web/app based casinos in the design, implementation and development of online casino games, as well as software functions and support. Candidates should be able to demonstrate advanced skills in HTML, Javascript (Backbone.js) and CSS.
  • IT Software Engineers – these roles typically focus on troubleshooting and fixing issues in an online or offline casino’s database, such as anomalies, freezing, blocks and slow performances. These roles require previous experience working with Windows Server applications as well as administrative roles using IIS and Windows Services.
  • IT Support– these include different behind-the-scenes support roles jobs that help to smooth over the operation of an online casino. Roles can vary between IT-related customer service, marketing support, system development, web security and more.

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